Hexa Workstation Extension

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Your workstation, anywhere. Guaranteed to boost your productivity.

  • Free your hands- Holds your phone for you, set up Hexa anywhere to watch, read and work completely hands-free
  • Turns your laptop, tablet or monitor into a full workstation weather you are working from home, or you are back to the office
  • Reduces distraction and boosts your productivity
  • So thin, you won't even feel it
  • Make life easier for yourself, keep your phone accessible and always in view! 
  • Avoid fatigue- Looking down all the time can cause serious neck problems, create a comfortable viewing position to keep your health in check!


Upgrade your workstation to increase your productivity

  • Essential to improve the management of your daily tasks
  • Always have your valuable information in sight 
  • Never miss important messages, emails and work on your mobile interface in real time
  • Ease your work- Need the help of your phone to get a job done, easily set up a display all around the your screen and access to your electronics!

Use your smartphone as an extension of your screen

You can attach Hexa to any laptop, monitor or tablet and phone

Supports Charging